Intelligent Training Management System: The Gateway to Win Over Competition

In recent years, training has achieved center stage in corporate strategy. In 2015, US spending on corporate training grew by 14.2% to over $70.6 billion . Organizations understand that even though it’s discretionary, investments in training is the foundation of building a talented workforce. Companies who spend on Learning and Development (L&D) can compete more… Read More »

Social Media for Pharma Companies: Just What the Doctor Ordered

What do you do when you are feeling rather unwell and are experiencing unfamiliar symptoms? I’m guessing the answer is: Google your symptoms or ask your social network for advice. For many of us today, the social media has become the go-to place for self-diagnosing health issues, gathering feedback on the efficacy of medicines, figuring… Read More »

ITOA: The perfect poster child for transforming IT

In today’s information age, analytics is one of the most talked about topics in IT. In fact, Gartner voted analytics as the leading technology accelerant for 20151. IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) in particular stands out with its ability to drive transformation in an organization. ITOA’s impact is far-reaching from performance stability to preemptive monitoring, seamless… Read More »

What is PowerShell?

Definition of PowerShell PowerShell is the shell framework developed by Microsoft for administration tasks such as configuration management and automation of repetitive jobs. The term ‘PowerShell’ refers to both – the shell used to execute commands and the scripting language that goes along with the framework. The scripting aspect of it is similar to Perl… Read More »

IoT in manufacturing

If you think that the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart manufacturing are just buzzwords, it is time to think again. In a survey an overwhelming 97% agreed that IoT has the potential to make the production floor smarter. There was also consensus that it was the right time for manufacturing firms to invest in… Read More »

Data Analytics in Gaming

The world of sports is not purely about adrenaline, fitness, and talent. It is also about brains, data, and analytics. Just a couple of decades ago, most sporting decisions were driven by the gut, or on the basis of a coach or agent’s personal evaluation. Much of this has changed today with instinct being supported… Read More »