project 560 the hindu businessline

Project 560 brings Bangalore alive

Just look around you. Every space seems to tell a story. From the cosy corner of the house that relaxes you to the lush green park where you love to take your kids, from the favourite restaurant that is your go-to weekend stopover to the city you were born in, places are special and have… Read More »

Prof. CNR Rao

In conversation with Bharat Ratna Professor CNR Rao

It was a dream moment for me when I got an opportunity to interact up-close with Bharat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao. What an inspiring person! While his commitment to research and the world of science is impressive, his down-to-earth conversational style and candid and funny remarks made him such an interesting and heart-warming person to… Read More »

jumping project

The Jumping Project

For the first few minutes, the performers walk around the stage, not unlike robots. The fierce faces and the focused eyes seem to conceal a multitude of expressions underneath. The movements, though choreographed, appear to have an ad hoc, chaotic rhythm. You are immediately hooked on to the performance, eager to find out more. Gradually,… Read More »

Madhu Nataraj Kathak Dancer

In Step With the legendary dancer

The street in Malleswaram, Bengaluru is buzzing with activity and people are seen thronging to a Darshini restaurant, popular for its Maddur Vada. Nestled in this busy street, the Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography is almost hidden, like any valuable treasure. As you climb the footsteps, you are welcomed by a ravishing Madhu Nataraj,… Read More »


The sari saga

In a quaint room in the heart of Bengaluru, an incredible burst of hues welcomes you into a rich world of textiles; saris and apparel of myriad varieties and textures find a place on the shelves. We are at Vimor (‘pure’ in Indonesian), a classic boutique in Victoria Layout that breathes new life into ancient… Read More »

deccan herald

Listening, anyone?

The importance of listening is lost on us because we are more schooled to talk than listen. It is no wonder that the skill is struggling to survive given that we encourage talking more than listening in our education system itself. For example, take the group discussion round which is a qualifier for many professional… Read More »

Rajeswari Kannan

Connecting the dots with images

A deep-rooted passion for imaging technology reflects in the way she animatedly discusses the gaps to be filled in the home camera segment. Her excitement for her work is only matched by her calm, composed smile and a child-like exuberance. Meet Raji Kannan, Founder and CTO of LensBricks, the latest entrant in the imaging industry… Read More »


Adrenaline rush

With five minutes to spare, we were seated in the plane panting for breath. The visit to Sri Lanka has been an impending dream for atleast five years. Having cancelled a planned vacation to the island previously due to political unrest, I had my fingers crossed this time. Given that the tour itinerary involved a… Read More »

book angel

A book angel

Most ardent book lovers can boast of a book angel from their childhood. I like to think of a book angel as someone instrumental in introducing one to the world of books or carried such passion for books that you could feel the aura of that world while they spoke about it and you desperately… Read More »

benjamine oberoi

A French woman brings social change in South India

In the cozy cottages of the ‘Casa Piccola Cottage’ heritage hotel, adjoining the narrowing lane of Clapham Road in Bengaluru, the 58 year old Benjamine Oberoi is having a busy morning with her clients checking in and out. Dressed in a salwar kameez and talking bits of Hindi to her staff, her entrepreneurial spirit sparkles… Read More »

one step at a time

One step at a time

She became a single parent with a one-year-old daughter at the age of 28 when her husband died in an accident. It was a particularly difficult period in her life but she eventually accepted and embraced life’s realities as they came. She bought a small, cosy home and raised her daughter independently. Her daughter remains… Read More »

Shiv Kumar Gupta

Consolidating the price comparison and product discovery market

In his TED talk on the paradox of choice, Barry Schwartz discusses how more choices have made us dissatisfied customers, paralyzed with the load of having to pick an option out of many, instead of turning us into happy customers who experience more freedom. When it comes to Internet buying, the information overload cannot get… Read More »

Nandita Shah

Healing the planet through veganism

Even a brief encounter with Dr.Nandita Shah can have an emphatic effect on your lifestyle choices and shake your beliefs on ‘eating healthy’. There can be no better ambassador than her when it comes to spreading the message of veganism and adapting a holistic and compassionate way of life. Dressed in a crisp black skirt… Read More »


Musings on women’s day

Different individuals perceive her differently as she dons several avatars. She is the incredibly patient mother, who cringes on a few extra kilos in her teens but struts around her tummy bearing the little one, for nine months, with a regal pride. She could be terrified of miniature bugs and rodents, but when dealing with… Read More »


Back to school

As retirement approached in 2001, I wondered what I would do with my life. Typically, people are propelled towards something they were touched by at some point. I naturally gravitated towards helping children with their education, especially in rural schools. Born in 1944, I had a modest upbringing and was schooled in a nondescript village.… Read More »

harmony cover

Life’s small wonders

“Like someone so aptly said,’I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.’ In hindsight, there is no way I could have foreseen this path in my life. When I was just four years old, my sister and I were affected with whooping cough. In those days, there was… Read More »

Paul Fernandes

Nostalgia with Paul Fernandes

Capturing the true character and the quirkiness of Bengaluru, noted cartoonist Paul Fernandes has recently self-published a coffee table book, Bangalore – Swinging in the 70s. The book – comprising 70 watercolor illustrations – is nothing short of time travel to the city of yesteryears that went about at an idyllic pace; the paintings charmingly… Read More »

Sundar Rajan randonneur

Riding with Sundar

He has been dubbed as the oldest super randonneur in India by Madras Radonneurs recently. But ‘old’ is certainly not a term you would associate him with. In fact, with his gruelling fitness regime that involves cycling 40 km a day, gym workouts and Sivananda yoga practice, the Chennai based 64 year-old could put many… Read More »

Anita Reddy

Kalamkari gets its due

It’s not every day that a person born into wealth grows into a grassroots worker and walks door-to-door working for the betterment of the underprivileged. Born to Shri Dwaraknath Reddy, who owned Nutrine Confectionaries, Padma Shri awardee Anita Reddy dared to tread in an unorthodox path by stepping into the social sector. Through the Dwaraknath… Read More »

sunalini menon

Tasting coffee but not for leisure

The aromas of coffee fill the damp Bengaluru air, bursting into your senses as you step into “Coffeelab”, to meet the 62 year old Sunalini Menon, Asia’s first woman coffee-taster. Coffee tasting or cupping as it’s called, is a relatively young phenomenon in India and has been around for just about forty five years. Menon… Read More »

Venkata Subba Rao


The Byrasandra Lake in Bengaluru would have been a pile of litter, had it not been for a 19-year crusade by Venkata Subba Rao, 78, a retired RBI official. After 40 years with the bank, he could have opted for a hassle-free life. Instead, he chose to fight for a cause he strongly believes in.… Read More »

Deepak Gopinath

Word Perfect

Beating 250 participants through eight preliminary rounds and two final rounds over a period of three months, retired Colonel Deepak Gopinath won the first ever Indian Crossword League in December 2013. “Someone mentioned about the contest on my blog and I decided to give it a shot. Every week, a challenge would be posted on… Read More »