Sakleshpur: The echoing green

It took my eyes a while to adjust to the all-encompassing greenery. The scenery was a cache of every imaginable colour of green. Raindrops fell vigorously on the foliage. Modest homes, freshly whitewashed, peeked through this panoramic view. Five years ago, Sakleshpur, the sleepy coffee town nestled in the Western Ghats, was barely on the… Read More »


Island Tales from Srilanka

Ayubowan reads the greeting at the Colombo airport, welcoming you to the island nation in the traditional Sinhalese way. As you loiter along the aisles of the airport, past the duty-free shops, an imposing Buddha statue sits beatifically, giving you an inkling of the cultural richness that is about to unfold. Driving away from the… Read More »


Rock song in Mahabs

It’s still the early hours; the coastal city of Chennai is waking up to bustling traffic and the aroma of delicious steaming idli. After a heavy downpour the previous day, the clouds have cleared out, paving the way for a beautiful sunny morning.This is a city known for many things—a booming IT corridor, a boisterous… Read More »